Bottle Bites 02: The Mystery Bowl

Blog Post By Shannon Nico Shreibak

Y’all doubled down on last month’s Dehd Dawg, and we’re all about giving the people what they want, so…Bottle Bites* is back, babyyy!

*(A note for the uninitiated: Each month, a band on the EB calendar will be invited to curate their own Bite Café special to be served on the night of their show. Keep a lookout for dishes that’ll be equal parts daring and delicious, hungry hounds.)

Read on to get the whole scoop on The Mystery Lights‘ Bottle Bites installment…

Tell us a bit about yourselves!
We all need a drink and a shrink 🙂

Tell us about your Bottle Bites dish…
It all started with the noodle. Not a hot noodle as expected…this noodle is served cool like jazz and while yer at it, hold the gluten. 

If the chicken came before the egg, we’re glad it did because the chicken inspired the egg on our dish. Soft-boiled, because the yolk reminds us of summer sun and friendships that hold us together through the hard times.

Let’s not forget the kimchi because we like to put cute microorganisms into our bellies, where they can party on the inside while we humans party on the outside.

A little of this here and a pinch of that there and you got yerself a bingo  bango!

If you could invite five people—living or dead—to your dream dinner party, who would be on the guest list? What would y’all eat? 
George Clinton (with Joseph Campbell as his +1), Harmony Korine, John Leguizamo as ‘The Pest’ (with Mason Ramsy as his +1), Snoop Dogg, Bette Davis.

What’s your go-to tour meal? 
This tour has definitely been the Beyond / Impossible Burger tour so far.  

Try Bite Café’s Mystery Bowl (a Bibimbop Bowl with soba noodles, a soft egg, kimchi aioli, and seasonal vegetables) for yourself on Tuesday, June 25, in celebration of The Mystery Lights’ show at The Empty Bottle!

Oh, and we should mention that tickets are flyin’ for that one. Get yer paws on some now.