Bottle Bites 01: The Dehd Dawg

Blog Post by Shannon Nico Shreibak

We here at ye olde Empty Bottle believe that, YES, we can have it all. That’s why we’re combining our two favorite things in the whole wide world—music and food. Cue: Bottle Bites.

Each month, a band on the EB calendar will be invited to curate their own Bite Café special to be served on the night of their show. Keep a lookout for dishes that’ll be equal parts daring and delicious, hungry hounds.

Read on to learn a little sumpin’ sumpin’ about hometown darlings Dehd and their Bottle Bites creation…

Tell us a bit about yourselves! We are Emily Kempf, Eric McGrady and Jason Balla—otherwise known as Dehd. We love snacking on the road, bubbly water and playing at the Empty Bottle.

Tell us about your Bottle Bites dish…We chose a fancy pants hot dog as our dish for Bite because on tour the gas station dogs always let us down, so we wanted to be able to come home and have a proper dog. Also, since we call Chicago home it just seemed right. AND it rhymes. Dehd Dawg!

If you could invite five people—living or dead—to your dream dinner party, who would be on the guest list? What would y’all eat? It’d be a pretty wild bunch. Britney Spears, Marcel Duchamp, Kendrick Lamar, the Kardashians and Stanley Kubrick. Eric would cook his specialty feast of potatoes.

What’s your go-to tour meal? Sad to say it’s Subway. Veggie delight footlong, light mayo and spicy mustard.

Try Bite Café’s Dehd Dawg (an andouille pork corndog with honey butter dijon) for yourself on Friday, May 10 in celebration of Dehd’s record release show at The Empty Bottle!

Oh, and we should mention that tickets are flyin’ fast for that one. Get yer paws on some now.